Basic Rules of Dominoqq Card Gambling Online

Before choosing one of the gambling games on an online gambling site, of course you have to know well how to play gambling games correctly. Because it is important to know that online gambling games have different rules from one another. So before learning strategies or winning tricks when playing gambling, it’s better to first learn how to play. One of the games that are currently busy with bettors is the online dominoqq card gambling game .This game has become the card game of choice for many bettors because those of you who play later will not only benefit when you win the game but will also get endless fun. If you want to find an exciting and profitable gambling game qq poker online, you don’t need to bother looking for other gambling games because there are dominoqq card gambling that will accompany your current day.

Guide to Playing Dominoqq Card Gambling Online

Dominoqq or what is known as domino kiu kiu is a gambling game that is currently played by many bettors in Indonesia. This gambling game requires the best combination of cards in order to win. Where the best card in this game is 99 or what is called kiu kiu. Later, players who sit at the dominoqq online betting table will get 4 cards that can be arranged in such a way as to be able to get the best combination from the left and right sides. And the way to calculate card values ​​in this game is almost similar to the ceme game because the calculated value is only on the back. So for those of you who have played ceme games, you can learn the guide to playing dominoqq cards easily later.

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For example, at this time you get a 1/3 1/4 and 1/5 1/7 card which when added up the results are 9 and 14. So the card you get is 94 because what will be taken is only the one on the back. Likewise if you get a card with a value of 0/1 0/2 and 2/4 3/5 which if added up the results are 3 and 68. So the value of the card you get in the dominoqq card game is 38. So actually the rules of the game are rather than gambling games. This card is very easy. But even so, you still have to try to learn the rules of the game and how to calculate card values ​​correctly so that this game will be easier to win.

Dominoqq . Card Game Basic Rules

Please note that the dominoqq card gambling game will start if there are at least 2 to 6 people on the betting table. So that means at the betting table there will be you and other players who are betting opponents. The way to play this game is the same as a poker game situs casino online players can raise, fold or bluff. But no cards will be opened in the middle of the table like an online poker game. You have to pit cards with other players with only 4 cards you hold. Actually, it is not difficult to know the basic rules in the dominoqq card game, especially if the rules you already know are immediately put into practice by playing directly to the betting table.

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In this game, all players must pay a blind with a certain nominal amount to be able to get a card. Then, each player will get 3 cards where the same as in poker games, players must determine whether they want to check, ratio, bet, all-in or fold. If all online dominoqq card players fold and only 1 player remains, then that player will be the winner. And there is no need to add the last 1 card because the game winner has been obtained. Then if it turns out that there are two players who do not fold, then 1 additional card will be given to find out who will be the winner of the bet. So it’s very easy for those of you who want to try betting on the dominoqq game. You also have to be ready with a strategy if you intend to win this game.