Best Guide For Beginners How To Play Card Blackjack 21

Best Guide For Beginners How To Play Card Blackjack 21
Do you want to learn the game of blackjack? If it is true, then it is exactly like the explanation that we will share, because we will discuss in full how to play blackjack for beginners.
If you often see people playing blackjack, but don’t understand how to play it? We recommend that you learn more from the contents of this article only.
All blackjack games have the same core of playing, but this time we will help explain them to be played online. Because playing blackjack online is considered much more practical.
How to play blackjack online, of course, you have to use a smartphone or computer with an internet connection, and the other most important thing is that blackjack players must be 18 years and over.
Why must over 18 years? Because in playing blackjack this time all bets in it use real money, so if you win then you will definitely get a real profit.
When doing how to play online, of course, you need an online gambling agent in it. Therefore we will help share the best online gambling agents as your place to play.
In the best online gambling agents there are also trusted providers as a support, so don’t choose the wrong bettor from these two. Because nowadays there are so many fake online gambling agents circulating that are detrimental to members.
Why do we say that we are detrimental to the members? Because member wins are not paid for for a reason, of course you don’t want that to happen right? Therefore, choose the best online gambling agent to play dadu online.


Complete explanation of how to play blackjack online 

If you already want to learn how to play blackjack, you should understand the contents of this article as a whole because we will provide an explanation of how to play, card values, game terms and tips for winning.
Therefore, if you come as a beginner, we guarantee that after reading the explanation here you will immediately become proficient at playing blackjack later.
Actually, how to play live casino blackjack is not too difficult, but it requires a high calculation with the luck of the members. But don’t worry bettor because we will share winning tips that you can use later so you don’t lose.
First, how to play card 21 or blackjack has a core to beat the value of the dealer card, so we will be dealt 2 initial cards by the dealer. After that we have to try to get close to or reach 21 (blackjack) to beat the dealer.
Let’s first look at the value of cards in blackjack, even though using playing cards but not all playing cards have the same card value in every game.
  • Number Cards: Cards 2 – 10 have the same value as the numbers printed.
  • Royal Cards: Royal cards such as J, Q, and K have a value of 10.
  • US cards: Special in playing blackjack is found on US cards because it can be 1 or 11 if needed.
So, those are some of the card values ​​in how to play blackjack that must be understood, after knowing the results, we continue to understand some important terms when used when playing blackjack.
You must understand these various terms because they are very important, because they are generally used on the blackjack table with each of these meanings.
  • Hits: You can pick up bonus or extra cards from the city.
  • Stand: You don’t take any bonus or extra cards for some reason.
Insurance: We can buy insurance with half the value of the bet, but this happens when the city shows the first card worth US. If indeed the city gets blackjack then we are paid 2: 1, when not getting blackjack then the insurance will burn.
Double Down: Double down means that you can double your bet if you get 2 main cards worth 8-11 and can only raise 1 bonus or additional card.
Split: Blackjack players can split or split cards if they get 2 initial cards of the same value or commonly called a pair, but players can only raise 1 additional card each on each hand.
Surrender: Surrender or means surrendering (not following the game) in this method a bettor can be taken if it only has a card value of 5-7 or 12-16 and the dealer shows a 9-Ace card.
That is a complete explanation of the various terms commonly used when doing how to play live casino blackjack, if you understand well, of course you will not experience difficulties later.
You need to know, bettor, if you get 2 initial cards worth 10 and 1 US, then you will immediately get blackjack, then wait for the city to display the card. If the same gets blackjack then you lose but if not blackjack then you win.
If you are curious to start playing blackjack using the method above, you should just visit the live chat column at the bottom right of the page.
Live chat will always be present for 24 hours to help with all the information needed by the players, this is one form of member convenience is the main thing at us.
If you have gotten the recommendation of the best online gambling agent, just create a play account using the registration method to fill out the form from the admin of the online gambling agent.
After successfully becoming a playing account, don’t forget to also make a deposit to fill your credit balance, the credit balance serves as a blackjack bet later.

Tips to Win When Playing Blackjack Betting

If you have mastered all the ways to play blackjack as above, then don’t forget we will share some tips for winning when playing blackjack later, of course, so that it is easy to win.
If this is your first time playing blackjack, we recommend doing the following method by placing a small bet first. If you are already proficient, please increase the nominal.
Play blackjack according to their respective abilities, don’t push too much. Because it can cause big losses later bettor, so this method needs to be considered carefully.
Of course, playing blackjack online at the best online gambling agent, because all broadcasts will be live. It will certainly be the same as in a casino.
We think you can learn these 3 tips and use them while playing blackjack, I hope the bettors will benefit well from this explanation.
Thank you for reading from this article about how to play blackjack, if you want to learn how to play other live casinos please read in another article, thank you and see you next time.
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