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If you want to be successful in playing the trusted online casino Blackjack, then you must know the betting options to be taken other than Hit and Stand. If you want to always be successful in playing Blackjack gambling, then never forget to use and stick to the basic strategy or Basic Method in this trusted online gambling game. If you forget the point, then you can lose your way and end up being controlled by the dealer or your desire to beat him but in a way that will make you lose even more bets.

What are the bets that bettors can play on trusted online blackjack gambling?

Blackjack is not a complicated online gambling game to play as long as you understand the method to play it. If you don’t understand at all, then it’s quite impossible to beat the dealer because the essence of this game is not collecting the number 21 to win but beating the dealer with a higher card value and doesn’t have to be 21 because collecting this nominal is indeed difficult unless you have got Blackjack Daftar Akun Casino from the start.

However, there are still several ways that can be used to be successful and can anticipate the dealer’s game and the choices they will make in this game by choosing the right type of bet or choices that can give you a profit and here it is:

  • Double Down

This is a bet that will apply if you have the desire to double the bet you made on the table and you are also only given the opportunity to be able to take only one card as an addition. However, this Double Down method cannot be used at any time because you can only do this if you have a card nominal with a value of 8, 9, 10 and 11. Lower than the nominal you cannot.

  • Split or split cards
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Here players will try to separate the first two cards they have into two Agen Sbobet Terpercaya cards or into 2 different bets and then the bettor will double their bet again. The two cards that have been separated in value must be the same as a pair of cards with numbers 8-8 or also King or Queen. When in a split condition, a card with a value of 10 and an ace card will automatically be counted as 21 but not pure Blackjack. In other words, they don’t pay out at 3:2 but it’s still possible to beat the dealer’s hand of 20 or maybe less. What’s more, after splitting the US-US, the bettor is only allowed to add 1 more card for each US-split card.

  • Surrender

Surrender means to give up or you choose not to join the game. In some online card gambling agents, you can choose to Surrender with a nominal value of half the bet you have without playing but this can also be done before playing or after you follow whether the dealer has Blackjack or not. Surrender can be done if the dealer shows some good cards, such as 9-US while in the bettor position, you only have cards with a nominal value of 5-7 or 12-16. When the dealer is in a favorable position where they have an ace, then they can also open up the next card directly to see if he gets Blackjack or not.

This is a betting option other than Hits and Stands that you can do in this trusted Blackjack live casino online gambling game because just Hits and Stands are still not enough to give you victory when playing this 21 gambling. Remember that the dealer will not always get good cards so you can focus on collecting cards with high values ​​to beat them.