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There are not many strategies for playing trusted online Sicbo dice gambling other than bettors depending on what is called luck. Just like online slots or Roulette or Baccarat too, Sicbo is a game that purely relies on luck or probability in the game. One thing bettors can do when playing trusted online Sicbo dice gambling is just choose the right type of bet and hope that what they choose will not give a big loss. Even if you choose even money bets, the bettor doesn’t necessarily win easily.

What are the Important Points of Playing the Best Big Small Sicbo Gambling to Remember?

Because even money bets are worth a 50% probability of winning, it’s only natural that bettors can certainly lose in it and miss in guessing or predicting the results that will occur in the trusted online dice gambling Sicbo Daftar Akun Sbobet Baru. But sometimes there are bettors who will not be satisfied at all in playing this one gambling only with even money because this is the same as bettors cannot increase their income any better than before.

For this reason, bettors choose more challenging bets so that the winnings that appear can immediately cover the losses they have experienced so far. Double Bets is one of them where the bettor must guess the same two numbers that appear on two dice from the three dice played by the bettor such as 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4 and so on. When the bettor plays this Double bet, you can actually pair it with any pair you want.

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The point is this Double Bet must be more specific even when you make more bets according to your wishes. On the other hand, Triple Bets also have the same way of working as Double Bets but must have 3 dice with specific numbers. Many bettors think that they don’t have to use even money to play big and small koprok dice gambling online if profit is one of the important things that determines the bettor’s victory.

But when choosing such a difficult bet, the bettor must pay attention to many things and also anticipate so that they will not lose and actually do not feel any Daftar Bola Online , namely:

  • Be aware of the house edge given by these two tricky bets

Winning a Double Bet or even a Triple Bet is your wish where one bet gives an 8:1 payout while the other gives a 150:1 profit. Imagine how much money they will receive if they win. But the house edge for this Double Bet is 33.3% while Triple Bet has 30.09%. This is an advantage that you have to pay for the casino or online agent. If you lose, then it is clear that this house edge will belong to the agent. This is not an advantage for the bettor and it takes more courage to be able to play this one bet.

  • Prepare big capital

Another important thing that you must prepare when playing Sicbo online dice gambling on this one is to always try to prepare a large capital, especially if the type of bet you are playing is the Double Bets or Triple Bets version. If you play even money bets, then it’s okay if you only use small funds because it won’t have any effect and can definitely win the game. But if what you choose is a bet with a very large house edge, then it is clear that to win a big bet is needed because you are unlikely to win this game in just one bet. You have to play this bet over and over again until there is really a win that is obtained and this tempting betting odds can be yours.


Here are some important things you need to know about betting in trusted online dice gambling Sicbo, especially if what you choose is not the one that gives even money.