The difference between European and American Roulettet

The difference between European and American Roulettet
After the betting time is closed, the dealer will spin the wheel then throw the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel spinning (at least the ball must rotate 10 times a circle before falling into one of the holes. And the result will appear, there are 2 kinds of total numbers on the casino wheel. Online roulette depends on what type you play. In European roulette there are 37 numbers while in America there are 38 numbers, that’s a glimpse of the game of casino roulette gambling at online casinos. In addition, we also want to share information about the types of bets available at online casino roulette gambling game pokercc.
A few tips, if you are a beginner in playing online roulette at a live casino, it’s a good idea to play in a safe zone by placing bets on the numbers that will appear like the saying ‘Don’t push your luck’, because maybe you are still a beginner. and maybe your capital is limited, but if you have more capital, there’s no harm in trying.

A. Even/Odd

As the name suggests, you have to choose between even (2,4,6, and so on) and odd (1,3,5, and so on). Zero (0) does not apply, the city will pay 1 over 1.


B. Big / Small

The values ​​1 to 18 are the values ​​of small numbers and large numbers from 19 to 36, equal to even and odd, zero values ​​are not included in this bet and the dealer pays 1 to 1.

C. Straight Up

Straight up is one of the big wins, usually the dealer will pay 35 times your bet. judi online terpercaya Players who place this bet, only place one (single) number, where numbers from 0 to 36 can be placed. Because it is 1 in 36, players are expected to be careful and need enough hockey to get this win.

D. Split Bet (Bet Two Numbers)

Players who choose this bet can place two numbers at once, you only need to place between the two numbers you want, the dealer will pay 17 to 1.

E. Corner Bet (Four Number Bet)

It’s almost the same as a split bet, but this time you can choose four numbers side by side, and you simply place in the corner where the four numbers meet.

F. Betting Column

This type of bet is often won by players, you only need to place in column 1 or column 2 which contains a row of numbers. However, because it was easy to win, the results were very small.

G. Dozen Bet

This type of bet requires players to place in one of three choices (1st 12 / 2nd 12 or 3rd 12), if hit the dealer will pay twice your bet.

H. Six Bet

As the name suggests, you can place bets on two betting lines (six (6) different numbers in two (2) lines of three (3) numbers. The method is quite easy, players only need to place their bets (chips) in the left line where the lines meet. which is divided into two lines, the dealer will pay 5 times your bet.

I. Red/Black

This type of bet is quite easy, players only need to choose red or black. The point is, when you place a bet in red and the result of the ball falling in the pocket of the red wheel means you win, and when it falls in black you lose, the city pays one appeal.
These are some of the differences between European and American roulette, and some of the types of bets that exist in online roulette games,
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