This is the reason why the Bandarq game is so much hunted

Of the many online gambling games that use domino card media, there is one that is most hunted by bettors for profit, namely bandarq. The reason is, the game is considered very suitable for use by bettors who like the ease of making profits. Each game player only needs to beat the dealer by utilizing the 4 cards he gets. In fact, bettors have the opportunity to beat the dealer by using a value of 99 and various special card combinations. Moreover, the game can be followed by 6 to 8 players, one of which acts as a dealer at one table, making it even more exciting to play. However, behind these various conveniences there are other reasons that make it hunted by many bettors. Curious about what causes it? Check out the answer through interesting reviews below.

Very Profitable Bandarq Game Play Rules

One of the reasons that make the bandarq poker online 88 game hunted by bettors for profit is the favorable rules of the game. The first profitable playing rule lies in the card distribution system which is divided into 2 stages. Based on the value of the card obtained at each stage, bettors are welcome to check, call, raise, all in to fold. It was only at the last card distribution stage that the winner was determined based on the highest card value, both from the value of 99 and from the special card combination. There are at least 4 special cards that apply in the game from the smallest value, namely small pure cards, large pure cards, four log cards and six gods cards.

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There are game rules that are intended for certain conditions. Where these taruhan bola terpercaya are equally beneficial for bettors who act as dealers and as players. Bettors who want to take on the role of a dealer must have a capital 5 times greater than the player’s, both real money and chips. The player can be said to have won if the value of the card is greater than the dealer’s and must pay according to the value at stake. If it is found that there is a similarity in the value of the card between the dealer and the player, the victory will fall into the hands of the dealer so that the bet placed will be the dealer’s profit. Players will benefit if they manage to get a value of 9 because they will get paid 2 times greater than the value of the bet placed. Otherwise,

Many Bonuses and Jackpot Games that Can Be Claimed

The reason why the bandarq game is being hunted by bettors lies in the number of bonuses that bettors can claim. Yes, every bettor has the opportunity to increase profits by claiming bonuses. The reason is, online gambling service provider sites regularly offer real bonuses with easy requirements such as new player bonuses, referral bonuses, daily deposit bonuses, turnover bonuses, rollover bonuses, cashback bonuses and many more. Only by completing the specified conditions can the bettor claim a lucrative prize. Moreover, there is also a progressive jackpot that can be used to multiply game winnings. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of the various bonuses available so that the profits generated from gambling games become even greater.


Although the gambling game service has been equipped with special information that contains clear guidelines and rules, it does not mean that the game is free from various obstacles. Both obstacles that come from the game itself and those from the battor. Make sure to contact the various 24-hour customer service contacts that have been provided such as online live chat, telephone center, sms center and social media. The reason is that these contacts are maintained by experienced operators who are ready to help bettors overcome various obstacles. In addition, by following various official social media accounts such as whatsapp, line, facebook and so on, bettors can get the latest information updates which are very useful when playing gambling games.